• A Look at Different Types of Upholstery Materials

    Homeowners are presented with a variety of challenges when it comes to decorating and maintaining a household; individuals are responsible for home carpet cleaning, providing a comfortable atmosphere, and performing upholstery cleaning in order to offer guests clean and aesthetically pleasing furniture to sit on. Those who are in need of assistance can always seek the help of a carpet cleaning company in Stormville. Here is a brief breakdown of the different types of upholstery materials based on their characteristics.

    Resistance to Wear

    When it comes to upholstered furniture in rooms that see a substantial amount of activity, you will want to look for upholstery materials that are not prone to wearing away easily ; this is especially true if you live with children or pets. Cotton’s ability to resist fading, pilling, and wear makes it a great choice for this type of environment, especially if it is combined with a synthetic fiber like olefin. Polyester is another upholstery material that is typically used in conjunction with other fibers due to its tendency to resist fading and wrinkles. Acrylic and nylon are among other synthetic fabrics that can bring anti-wear properties to the table.


    If you are looking for the perfect upholstery material for a luxury couch or love seat, understand that the furniture should be used in a room that pets and children do not often access. Materials like linen and silk can add a piece of elegant flair to the furniture in a formal room, but neither of these natural fabrics is resistant to wrinkling or soiling. They are best left for rooms that are only used on special occasions, much like a set of special china. In the event that linen or silk materials become soiled, you will typically have to consult a professional carpet cleaning company or stain removal service.


    While some types of upholstery materials require the services of carpet cleaning experts, the homeowner may maintain others. Leather stands out as one type of upholstery material that is receptive to maintenance; this may come in the form of leather conditioner, light vacuuming, or cleaning with a moist cloth.

  • Why You Should Have Your Business’s Carpets Professionally Cleaned

    As many homeowners know, carpet cleaning in Stormville is an essential task. As important as home carpet cleaning is, commercial carpet cleaning is just as crucial. If you have never had your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner, read on to find out why you should have your business’s carpets professionally cleaned.

    While homeowners may sometimes choose to tackle their carpet cleaning duties on their own, commercial carpet cleaning and home carpet cleaning differ in a few important ways. Homeowners are able to control the amount of traffic that their carpets see and strategically place different types of carpets in appropriate areas. This is typically a much more difficult challenge in a commercial setting. Additionally, businesses are far more prone to having tens, hundreds, or even thousands of strangers walking around. This makes commercial carpets much more vulnerable to deep stains and soiling that may be impossible to remove without the help of a professional commercial carpet cleaner. A deep cleaning of your business’s carpet can also lead to the elimination of a variety of potentially dangerous pollutants. These pollutants, if not removed, can contaminate the air and lead to health complications in the workplace.