• Area Rug Services from Royal Red

    If you are not planning on lining your space with wall-to-wall carpeting, you may be interested in an area rug. Although this type of flooring does not require extensive commercial or home carpet cleaning in Stormville, you will still need to provide area rug cleaning from time to time. Here is a look at the area rug services offered by Royal Red .

    Area rug cleaning Stormville Your area rug may be the perfect addition to your home to tie everything together in a comfortable and aesthetic fashion. These rugs come in a variety of designs and can nicely break up areas of wood or tile flooring. However, without area rug cleaning they can become hot spots for a range of pollutants that can impact your indoor air quality. Home carpet cleaning from Royal Red will provide your area rug with a deep cleaning that seeks to remove and destroy a variety of pollutants including dust mites, allergens, and general dirt and debris. Our carpet cleaners are qualified and trained professionals, and they will use hot water extraction or steam cleaning techniques to fully clean your rugs of all sizes. Royal Red makes home carpet cleaning easy so you can enjoy your area rugs.

  • Reasons to Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

    Home and commercial carpet cleaning in Stormville is a popular service because of the many benefits it provides. There are several factors that may suggest that you would benefit from professional carpet cleaning done by a carpet cleaning company. Here is a look at a few different reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Stormville Hosting a Gathering

    People host gatherings at their homes for many different reasons; you may be spending time with your family for the holidays, you may be hosting a book club, or you may be throwing a Super Bowl party. Whatever the occasion may be you will want to keep your home in a presentable condition , and this includes having adequately clean carpets. Professional home carpet cleaning can ensure that your rugs and carpets are optimally clean so that you can be confident in hosting your gathering. An aesthetically pleasing carpet is just part of the benefit of professional carpet cleaning; your flooring will also be free of dust, pollen, and other allergens that may pollute the indoor air quality inside your home. This means that your guests will be comfortable and breathe easily at your house.

    Children and Pets

    Keeping your carpet clean can be difficult, especially in an area like the dining room. This task becomes even more of an issue if you have children or pets living in your home. Kids, cats, and dogs are more prone to making messes than adults, and rugs are often the victims. Between spilling food and dragging dirt throughout the house, carpets in homes like these tend to take a beating. Professional home carpet cleaning can remove the toughest stains and revitalize your flooring so that it once again looks brand new. Carpet cleaners can even combat the general wear that your carpet suffers as a result of increased foot traffic.

    Ease of Maintenance

    Carpets that have been cleaned by professional carpet cleaners are easier to maintain than their normal flooring counterparts. Since carpet cleaners will typically do an exceptionally thorough job, it is easier for you to spot stains and soils and take care of them yourself in the future.

  • Dealing with Stains on Leather Furniture

    In order to preserve the aesthetics of your house, you must know a bit about the proper procedures for tile cleaning, home carpet cleaning , and furniture maintenance. Depending on the spill, stain, or soiling, carpet cleaning in Stormville may sometimes be difficult; fortunately, leather furniture is usually easy to clean. Watch this video for a few tips on dealing with stains on leather furniture.

    Thicker than leather garments and different from carpeting, leather furniture tends to feature protective finishes. These finishes allow you to remove stains with relative ease. Stains from spilled condiments that have dried are easy to remove with a simple damp cloth; a moist wipe is also effective in removing sticky stains. For more resilient or greasy stains and soils, consider using a mild citrus solvent or leather furniture conditioner. You can also use nylon bristle brushes for dry stains on certain materials, like newbuck leather.

  • Maintaining Your Leather Furniture

    While home carpet cleaning in Stormville is important to the appearance of the interior of your house, do not forget about your furniture. Fortunately many residential carpet cleaning companies can also help you take care of your furniture. Keep reading if you would like some assistance in maintaining your leather furniture.

    carpet cleaning company Stormville Cleaners

    When people consider cleaning their leather furniture, they often begin by choosing a soap or cleaner for the task. Unfortunately, many cleaners and soaps are harmful to the material . While soap may be effective in cleaning dirt and stains from the couch, it may also take out some of the color from the leather. Cleaners that are safe for most uses may also turn out to be detrimental for use on leather furniture due to their tendency to darken and stain the material. Soap is also not the best for use with leather furniture as it can cause the leather to become dry and brittle; unlike human skin, leather does not replenish the oil that soap removes. The best way to clean your leather furniture is with a cleaner made specifically for leather, which can be found at some furniture stores. It is wise to attend to spills using paper towels or terry cloth towels as soon as possible.


    It is always a good idea to apply a leather protector to your leather furniture. This will help your brand new furniture retain its pristine condition. You can also have your leather couch, sofa, or love seat cleaned and then protected by a professional carpet cleaning company. Keep your leather furniture protected by wiping up dust with a slightly damp cloth on a regular basis.


    Cleaning and protecting your leather furniture is important, but you can also help maintain its excellent shape by positioning it appropriately within your space. Too much exposure to sunlight can be harmful to anything from human skin to commercial carpeting to leather furniture. The ultraviolet rays from the sunlight will cause the material to wear away, and the heat can crack the leather. Leather is sensitive to both excessively hot and cold temperatures.