• Dealing with a Wet Smell in Carpet

    Water damage from flooding can cause a slew of potential problems in your home. When it comes to water damage restoration in White Plains , one of the first things many people want to do is get rid of the wet smell that lingers in carpet.

    This video offers a detailed explanation of how to get rid of the wet smell. By sprinkling baking soda on the affected carpet, the odors will be absorbed. The baking soda can easily be vacuumed up. To further get rid of the odor, a container of vinegar left in the room can absorb unwanted odors. Of course, if these methods are not delivering the desired results, a professional carpet cleaning service is the best option.

  • Why Carpet Is Better for Your Business

    Business owners who are looking for commercial carpet cleaning in White Plains already know that having carpet is a smart choice for their business. This article will highlight some of the many reasons that explain why carpet is the better choice for businesses.

    A Better Work Atmosphere carpet
    No matter what type of business you are in, employee productivity is essential to success. However, a workplace with a high level of distraction is not conducive to a productive work atmosphere. In businesses with tile or hardwood floors, foot traffic is amplified and can be troublesome to work flow. With carpet, footsteps are muffled and are no longer disruptive, even in the busiest of businesses. Unlike scuffs and scratches that can be visually unappealing on tile or wood floors, carpet can continue to look like new with regular commercial carpet cleaning services.

    A Healthier Environment
    Businesses without carpet can have trouble in keeping the office clean due to all the dust and allergens in the air. Carpet is able to trap unwanted debris, removing it from the air you breathe in the office. Once you have your carpet cleaning done, the debris will be gone from your business for good. There are many options for eco-friendly carpet cleaning as well, further contributing to a cleaner environment.

    A Safer Setting
    Carpet creates a safe work setting for a number of reasons. Walking on carpet provides traction that tile or wood flooring does not. Unlike a flat surface, it is nearly impossible to slip or slide on carpet, making it safer for employees and patrons to walk on. Additionally, rugs are usually placed on alternate surfaces, which can create a major tripping hazard. With carpet, there is no need for rugs, which eliminates the additional risk of someone falling. Even in the event of someone falling, carpet provides a softer ground to land on, reducing the chances of injury.

  • Reasons to Have Your Mattress Cleaned

    When it comes to day-to-day house cleaning, most people are likely to think of dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. However, mattress cleaning in White Plains is just as important to a clean home as any other task. You already look forward to resting in your bed each night; having a clean mattress will make it even better.

    A clean mattress can lead to better sleep and better health. Mattresses can harbor dust mites and bed bugs. By regularly cleaning your mattress, these pesky critters can be eliminated. When we sleep, we shed hair and dead skin. You wash your sheets to remove these particles, and you should have your mattress cleaned for the same reasons. Mattress cleaning removes dust and allergens, meaning that you will be able to breathe better at night and have a more restful night’s sleep. It also removes any unwanted odors that may be keeping you awake at night. In addition to upholstery cleaning, carpet-cleaning services offer mattress cleaning.

    mattress cleaning

  • Keep Your Business Looking Professional

    An office, restaurant, or other business that looks clean and professional will help you retain and attract customers. The rugs or carpeting in your business are one of the main areas that you’ll need to focus on to ensure that the facilities are presentable. You should use a commercial carpet cleaning company in in White Plains to keep your company’s carpets looking clean and fresh. Here are some tips for maintaining the appearance of your business’ rugs or carpeting.

    Preventative Care

    Commercial carpets are typically made to withstand a lot of wear and tear, but they may not be protected from major spills and soiling. You can prolong the life of your carpet or rugs by pre-treating them with stain resistant products that will make it much easier to clean spills, dirt, grease, and grime. You can also take steps to reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked onto the carpet from the outdoors. Put mats at all of the exit and entryways of your building. These mats will trap the dirt and soil that are on the bottoms of people’s shoes, preventing them from tracking it onto the carpeting or rugs.

    Daily Maintenance

    Daily carpet cleaning and maintenance goes a long way towards prolonging the life and appearance of your business’ rugs or carpeting. This includes treating spills, spots, and stains immediately with a carpet cleaning or carpet shampoo product. You should also vacuum daily to remove dirt and soil from the carpeting.

    Deep Cleaning

    Commercial carpets can only be deep cleaned by a professional commercial carpet cleaning service. A commercial carpet cleaner uses professional stain removers, carpet shampoos, and carpet-cleaning techniques that will deep clean the carpeting and make it look brand new again. Commercial carpet restoration companies can also offer water damage restoration and carpet and rug restoration. If your company is interested in eco-friendly carpet cleaning, you can find a green carpet cleaning company that uses green commercial carpet cleaning products.