Handling Pet Stains and Odors

No matter how much we love them, our pets are still going to contribute their fair share of smells and stains to carpets and upholstery. In order to ensure that your environment is healthy and safe for both you and your pets, it will be necessary to consider carpet cleaning and upholstery stain removal in White Plains. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few steps you can take to keep the house clean and comfortable for both you and your animal friends.

Take Control of the Situation
If your pet has an accident in the

pet stain removal

wrong place and you catch it quickly enough, it will be important to clean the area immediately. By using a combination of paper towels and newspapers, you can soak up liquids before they create stains or smells. Whenever possible, this cleaning approach is helpful because you can take the soaked paper towels and newspapers and place them wherever your pet should be doing their business. This lets them know where they should go when they have to relieve themselves.

Waiting Can Cause Problems
The longer you wait to clean the affected area, the more likely that both stains and smells will set in. The biggest problem is the smell, as it is both unpleasant and confusing for your pets. Animals like to return to places where they can smell their scent when they are relieving themselves, which means that one mistake can lead to several more. If the stain and scent remain, it will be important to take extreme measures when cleaning the area to ensure that neither you or your pets can smell anything.

Cleaning Dried Pet Stains
Once the stain has set, it will be necessary to consider strong and effective cleaning methods. Whether you need carpet cleaning, drapery cleaning or upholstery cleaning, you will want to consider renting an extractor or wet vacuum to clean the area. It can also be useful to consider stain removers and pet odor neutralizers, as they can keep your pet from making the same mistake twice.