Mattress Cleaning

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

There’s no better feeling than returning to your bed. However, your mattress can be housing dust mites you may not know about. These dust mites and bed bugs can put your health at risk. To remove these pesky critters from your bed, we recommend having your mattress cleaned. With more than 10 years of experience in furniture cleaning, you can be sure Royal Red Carpet Cleaning can professionally clean your mattress.

The benefits of our mattress cleaning include:

  • Elimination of dust mites
  • Removal of bed bugs
  • Increased comfort
  • Better sleep

Similar to upholstered furniture, a mattress can be expensive so you want to ensure long-term comfort. Rather than tossing your dust mite-ridden mattress, have it thoroughly cleaned by us. Our mattress cleaning involves a two-part cleaning process, which includes a free shampoo cleaning. After we rinse and dry, we carefully inspect your bed to ensure all allergens are removed. Get a good night’s sleep by contacting Royal Red Carpet Cleaning at (914) 325-9633.


Our Values

  • FREE estimates
  • Honest and fair pricing guaranteed
  • Owner is present on all jobs to ensure utmost quality
  • Two-part cleaning process included in one price for the highest quality
  • Most thorough cleaning available