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Carpet flooring and area rugs provide the most comfortable and cozy feel underfoot, but neither is known for its stain-fighting abilities. When someone spills red wine on your carpet or smears mud in an area rug, you need a company that utilizes the most advanced cleaning equipment and techniques to get your floors as clean as possible, as quickly as possible. That’s where Royal Red Carpet Cleaning comes in. With our reliable technicians and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, we are your total solution for professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning in White Plains.

Benefits of Professional Carpet and Rug Cleaning

At Royal Red Carpet Cleaning, each and every one of our technicians is fully trained and certified in all areas of carpet and area rug cleaning, which means you can count on us for the best professional cleaning services in New York. And you don’t just have to wait until there’s a big stain to call us, either. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of routine professional carpet and area rug cleaning.

  • Make Carpets/Rugs Look New: One of the best reasons to call on the professionals at Royal Red Carpet Cleaning is to keep your carpets and/or area rugs looking (and feeling) like new. Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment can remove even the most stubborn stains and completely rejuvenate your old, tired-looking carpets and area rugs.
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: Over time, your carpets and area rugs can collect a variety of pollutants that may trigger allergies, asthma, and other breathing difficulties. Even carpets and area rugs that look clean are most likely harboring pollutants that can affect your home’s indoor air quality. Professional carpet and area rug cleaning eliminates dirt, dust mites, pollen, dander, and other allergens and pollutants.
  • Save Time and Money: There are plenty of people who choose to do their own carpet cleaning, but our services are great for homeowners who want to save time and money in the long run. For instance, our technicians can clean your carpets and/or area rugs in a fraction of the time it would take you to rent a steam cleaner, set it up, read the instructions, clean up, and take back the machine.

Signs Your Carpet or Area Rugs Need to be Cleaned

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to cleaning your carpets and area rugs, though some experts recommend professional carpet cleaning every six months or so. That being said, there are some signs you can look for that will help you determine when it’s time to call Royal Red Carpet Cleaning in White Plains:

  • Carpets and/or area rugs are visibly soiled or worn-looking
  • Allergy and asthma sufferers complain about your home’s indoor air quality
  • You can’t remember the last time your carpets and/or area rugs were cleaned

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